wow! an amechu fanblog! this is so awesome :D! I'M NOT ALONE WITH MY OTP!!! i remember me and a tumblr friend were thinking of making a blog for them since we didn't see one around but now there is and i'm so happy ^^!~ thanks for making this amazing site :3.

Yep! Amechu has finally got a fanblog! You’re certainly not alone in your love for China/America. After all, it’s an important RL relationship with a lot of history and the characters offer a lot to work with. Plus, because it’s a rarepair, there aren’t too many of the cliche pitfalls that exist in other pairings, which is fantastic.

It might be a bit difficult keeping up the blog in terms of fanworks — after all, Amechu (I don’t know why it’s “Chu” but whatever) isn’t like USUK or GerIta, which gets new stuff every day, if not every hour — but I’ll do my best! Thanks for following me and I hope you enjoy the site. :)